UPDATE: 12/21/2011 - Robot Zombie Dance, Smaller head (see below)

Born in dreams of 1980's,  realized today.

What follows is my proposed design for a robot. A robot with a simple design, that is easy to share and change.  A robot you can build with a hand saw or a laser cutter; from cardboard or karbonite.  A robot you can share; and change.  This is your robot. A for the people.  A robot born in the dreams of the 1980's and realized today.  A robot your children and your children's children will look back on and say 'that was THE ROBOT"

But I need your help.  I don't have all the answers.  I don't even have all the questions.  But maybe YOU do - so please post comments.  Leave your wishes and dreams; your 'why didn't you... s" and 'what if you... s'.  Tell me what to build, and I will build it;  then it will break; and then we will try again.  And maybe, just maybe we'll get it right.

To this end I humbly submit to you --- Wendell  --- Wendell the Robot.  

Wendell is like a baby, silly and small, with a big head,  tiny legs, and often, a funny smell.  It is not the end but the beginning.  An affirmation that says  'I can make that; I can make that BETTER!

(too much?)

Also - I'm submitting this to the shop-bot contest - I would us it to build robots  


-Also - If you want me to make you one or send you all the pieces - check out my kickstart project:

Working on a Robot Zombie Dance based on the "thriller dance".  A little tough without a waist, legs, or elbows.  Check out the video bellow.... but don't get to excited.

Also - built a version with a smaller head and some shoulders.

Step 1: Let's Begin

So - all rabble rousing aside.  Here are the basic parameters:
  1. Simple to build and easy to share.
    1. All designs created using freely available software
    2. Scallable Vector Graphics are preferred.
  2. Open source electronics and software
    1. Arduino based microelectronics
    2. Arduino and Processing development enviroment
  3. Simple motors and mechanics
  4. Simple sensors

Note: an alternate 'skinny, small head' version is attached to this step.  (next step has original files - big head, fat)
Awsome write-up on PCWorld blog!!<br><br><br>http://www.pcworld.com/article/246454/wendell_robot_is_super_adorable_super_open_source.html<br><br>Thanks to Elizabeth Fish
<a href="http://hackaday.com/2011/12/31/zombie-jackson-bot-dances-to-thriller/" rel="nofollow">Wendell on Hackaday!!</a><br> <br> Thanks <a href="http://hackaday.com/author/mikehackaday/" rel="nofollow">Mike Szczys !</a>
Wendell on Hackaday!!<br> <br> <a href="http://hackaday.com/2011/12/31/zombie-jackson-bot-dances-to-thriller/" rel="nofollow">http://hackaday.com/2011/12/31/zombie-jackson-bot-dances-to-thriller/<br> <br> T</a>hanks <a href="http://hackaday.com/author/mikehackaday/" rel="nofollow">Mike!&nbsp;</a>
Your head is too large, You will have problems with the arms when going all the way up when the head is looking forward. Revise your head so that at 45 degrees it is not wider than the chest. <br>Good luck! <br>
<em>Your head is too large</em><br> <br> It makes it hard to find hats.<br> <br> Also - I've added a small head version --- much easier to work with.
Yup! - I also had to cut the 'hands' off because they hit the wheels. I'm thinking about moving the arms away from the body, but it adds pieces.
I like the big head. I think its fun to watch his head just miss his arms.
Very nice. I think I could do this!<br><br>You should add some bumperstickers and so forth, like &quot;ilpug&quot; said.
Cool to see you on Kickstarter. To bad we don't have a really good kickstarter-like site in Europe! It was really fun to see also my own project on the screenshot you posted on kickstarter :)
Just got approved as a KickStart project - - any thoughts?
Great job!
You have a cute project, but why not take it to the next level?<br><br>If you sand out the paint between coats it will start to look like metal, then add some little brass (round head ) brads to the parameter of his head and body to look like rivets, you could paint after &quot;riveting&quot; or before depending on how much you want them to stand out.<br><br>If you want some ideas for the &quot;dress up&quot; aspect of your project, try Robot Island dot com<br><br>Since you have a drill press and some Forstner bits maybe you could mortise a slot for his mouth then add a spring in the slot, your local electronics stone will have some dome lights in a small size for eyes, or you could use plain old flash light bulbs like they did in the 50's tin robots.<br><br>The reason I'm saying this stuff is because when you add the embellishments the project becomes an enjoyable scavenger hunt, the Salvation Army, Goodwill, and second hand shops contain tons of cute little things that can be repurposed.<br><br>Thank's for posting it alot of work to document such a project, sorry if I come off preachie, I am a total tin robot freak I own at least 50 of them....
Thanks! - Robot Island is awesome. I have 'space robot'.
Wendel needs his own TV talk show - what a cutie!
Looks Great! It's all about having fun and leaning. Well, atleast for me.<br>
Classic Robot. He could use a few decals. Great simple design. <br><br>
Wendell is so cute, I love it!
I have to second that. It does have a look about it.

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