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This is my Werewolf costume for 2010. My inspiration was "American Werewolf of London" meets "Underwold". The head and legs were sculpted and cast in latex using a kit from Monster Makers. The stilts were based off of the Gryphern design and slightly modified. The teeth and gums were sculpted and cast using dental acrylic. The body is a spandex body suit that I sewed the muscles into and painted latex on top of it. The forearms and eyes are the only items I actually purchased. Then everything was airbrushed and fur was added. I also installed some led booklights from the dollar store behind the eyes to make them light up.



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    An excellent costume without a doubt! Would you be interested in selling a raw latex pull of the head? I would like to paint and hair it myself and add it to my collection.

    WOW! Holy Movie Quality!! I can almost hear that distinctive "American Werewolf in London" Howl now... INCREDIBLE!!

    I would like to speak with you about creating a werewolf for a horror film. We need the exact concept you created moving mouth realistic teeth spandex suit etc.. Please call me sometime soon

    absolutely AMAZING! I'm actually going to construct a werewolf constume too soon, mine wont have stilts though because it will be used on a Haunted Hayride at Canfield Scaregrounds in Ohio. how well can you see out of the mask?

    Thanks! Actually, I could see suprisingly well throught the mouth. Yeah, my dream job would be creating costumes like this for the haunt industry, but I'm just not there yet.

    nice one! speechless and cool design!

    I think this may be one of the best werewolf designs I've ever seen. Everything is is in near perfect proportion. Wonderful sculpting as well. One day I will make a female werewolf based on this practical design. The bodysuit is awesome! *_*

    This is amazing. Thank you for sharing. You are very talented.

    Best werewolf I've ever seen, and possibly the best costume ever. Awesome job man.