Picture of Werewolf Mask
This is a project that I started working on because i never liked any of the werewolf masks in costume stores. It started very simple, I used only foam board and masking tape for the frame, then became a little more involved as the project went on. I only spent about $20 on the materials, but I did already have some of the materials on hand, such as an old pair of gloves and t-shirt, and a beanie hat. I used foamboard for the teeth, and craft fur that was purchased at hobby lobby. The mouth moves with my own jaw when I talk and gives a really cool effect.

Please excuse my Easter shirt!!! I know it looks really odd with the scary werewolf mask lol. I will be working on a full body suit to go with this in time. I'll update with more pics soon!

Let me know what you think of it! Sadly I didn't know of this website at the time of making this, so I didn't document it. But, if enough people like the costume, I'll certainly try to find time to make an instructable for it! It was a blast to make!
momcjack5 months ago

what are the measurements of the 2 triangle pieces, I cant tell from the photos

That looks nothing like a *real* werewolf but for your mortal minds i guess it acceptable nice 1
pixiegenne5 years ago
 thanks so much or posting the instructions - i made this for my son and it came out great. took longer than i thought but it was worth it. attached is photo from pre-trick-or-treating last night.
thanks again!
your werewolf looks amazing! i would love to have one made by halloween, but im still a little confused on the construction of the head. would u mind elaborating on the the making of the head? i cant wait to start mine!
Voxee (author)  ivorydragon065 years ago
Voxee (author)  ivorydragon065 years ago
Yeah, I've made another one and documented the whole thing so I'll hopefully have the step by step up soon. Happy you like it :)
demzer5 years ago
Could a person speak/sing clearly through this for a play?
Voxee (author)  demzer5 years ago
I would say so, I was singing in it! lol There is nothing obstructing the mouth so speech should remain clear and understandable. Instructable will be up soon
demzer Voxee5 years ago
I'm directing "Into The Woods" a stage musical that has fairy tales including Red Riding Hood. It would be perfect for the Big Bad Wolf, if I had instructions... :)
Voxee (author)  demzer5 years ago
Bardouv5 years ago
I thought that first picture was of Einstein.....oops XD
caitlinsdad5 years ago
Pretty cool. Have the full costume instructable ready for the Halloween contest this year. 1. Is this the adult sized version or just the teenage one? 2. Can this only be worn when a full moon is out? Kinda reminds me of the beast in that M. Night Shamalman movie with that isolated town with red banners- forgot the name.
Voxee (author)  caitlinsdad5 years ago
The head piece can fit a teen or an adult, though it would probably look a little awkward on a younger teen because of the size of it. I'm the one posing in the picture and i'm only 5 ft tall. This can be worn under any moon :) The movie you're thinking of is The Village, pretty cool movie. Thanks for the kind welcome :)