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With this little fun twist between a southern cowboy and a cactus with a mustache this is the perfect homemade toy for kids 5+
Clay tools

Step 1: Cowboy Ghost

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The Hat: Make a ball out of brown clay and make a dentist in the middle, next flatten some brown clay and curl the edges up and sit the top of the hat onto your brown disk.
The Body: Take you white clay and make a ovel then smear the bottoms in the picture. two dots of black clay for the eyes and a curled line of black clay for the mustache.
Take some more white clay and make two twigs for the arms and attach on your ghost.

Step 2: Cactus Boy

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The Pot: Take your brown clay and make a cube, then round the edges and create a lining on the top with a strip of your brown clay.
The Body: Take your green clay and do the same body former as you did on the ghost but put it on top of the pot, and again do the same as we did on the face of the ghost. Take some more green clay and make two twigs for the arms and attach on your cactus.

Step 3: Baking

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Baking: set oven to 260 degrees ferenheite and bake for 30 min. The may still be soft and squshie but take them out of the oven to cool and fully harden.
Pollish: Take some nail Pollish finished and do to coats and let dry then Walah!!! there are your cute little charms or toys.


DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2016-08-28

Cute figure designs. My kids would love making these.

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