Wet Brush First (to Keep It Clean)





Introduction: Wet Brush First (to Keep It Clean)

When you use a brush with Water-Based Paints, clean up is usually pretty easy. The hardest part to clean is paint that works its way up at the top of the brush. If you wet your brush with water before painting, less paint will enter that part because the water got their first.

Step 1: Wet It

The water got up here first, so it will help keep out paint.

Step 2: Heard It on Home Time

I believe I saw this trick on Home Time by experts, so it can't be too bad.



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    Thanks for sharing this info with us tight wads.

    wow I love this idea i never knew that and I love to paint birdhouses so this will come in handy

    Smart idea actually, great Tool Tip.

    Perfect! thanks.

    Can you please add a more descriptive title so that it is clear to other what this Instructable is about and let me know when you do so that I can publish it. Thanks! Also... if I may chime in... when working with water-based paint you should clean your brush with cold water because hot water loosens the brush's glue and makes the bristles fall out.