More shower fun with single wall showers.

If you have a single wall shower in a bath tub like me, and you not capable of keeping all the shower water inside of the bath tub, than you'll have a very wet bathroom floor. In fact you have a problem, because there are no good solutions for this in the market.

Basically there are two systems.

1) A U-shaped rail attached to the wall. For example like this. The entire curtain hangs on two screws. The momentum of the curtain is very big, and the forces on the screws must be gigantic. It either bends or breaks. Yes, there are extra sets to get some support from the ceiling, but my ceiling is not strong enough to support anything.

2) A so called spider. Like this. A much nicer construction, but still way too expensive for what it actually does: keep up a shower curtain.

In addition there is another big problem with shower curtains and that is space vs. hot air. Shower curtains react heavily on the vacuum, generated by the rising hot air of your shower. This (everybody knows) sucks the cold curtain against your freshly cleaned body. Yuck! This is for sure in my top 10 list nasty feelings.

This becomes worse if you'd like to shower together, which - I think - is a good thing to do in a healthy relationship.

Your problems are over now with the WET TURTLE! For less than 20 euro's you can build one in an hour or so. It can be folded in a second. It's out of the way, hygienic and sufficient space for two people to shower. No sticky shower curtains, you can (re)use your current shower curtain without adjustments.

1 shower cutain.            €20,00 I used a 200 x 180 cm curtain.
17m PVC pipe 16mm    €  8,50
14m PA Rope 5mm       €  7,00
2 Ring Screws               €  1,50

- Electric Drill
- Hacksaw.
- Candle.

Step 1: Cutting the PVC Pipes

Tip: read the entire manual before you start! Understanding is the best tool there is.

Determine how big you want your shower curtain to be. I made it 120cm wide and 80 cm deep, which is a lot of space.

Cut the PVC needed for the frames. In total there are 5 frames. 4 are U-shaped and 1 is a closed rectangle.

In my example I need 4 pieces of 280cm and 1 piece of 400cm.

Cutting of PVC pipes is best done like this:
- enrole the pipe in a piece of paper at the desired position
- mark the line of the paper all the way around with a marker
- cut the pipe while turning bit by bit.
- like this you'll get a nice straight cut.

You might need to join pipes. This can be done with the socket that was already there on my 2m pipes. Other wise you can make socket like this:
- slowly turn the tip of the pvc pipe above the flame of a candle until it's soft. Be carefull not to burn it. PVC smoke is very unhealthy.
- shift it over another pipe. 
- the tip should be a bit hotter so it opens up easily
- the base should be a bit colder so it doesn't collapse
- practice first. If something went wrong you can re-heat the tip, it will shrink back to it's original shape (more or less).
<p>very nice, but my fave part is the <strong>cute</strong> little <strong>toddler</strong>, curiously INSPECTING! <strong>x^)</strong></p>
I love it, on my way, right now, to build one ;) <br> <br>great idea, great instructable <br> <br>cheers :)
Perfect, that's why I shared it. <br>Can you send a picture when you're done? <br> <br>
promise ;)
I love it! And the best part is the added protection against a 'Scream movie' type shower attack... <br />
There is no protection from a shower attack! <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />Suggestion for next 'ible, turtle/tortoise shell paintjob! <br /> <br />I'm also wondering...who took the picture?
It's probably a timer on the camera, dude.
Sorry, I thought my joking around was clearer.
Showering with your friend (girl) has always been one of my favorite water sports! Its fun and she can scrub your back and then you can scrub hers. Good wholesome fun. Greatly improves a relationship too!
Awesome, maybe the idea I was searching for my bathroom. <br />Thanks for it.
I woner if you could use the same principal hen you go camping... giving you some privacy for changing clothes .. sometimes a tent does not offer you alot of standing room... just a thought..
this looks so cool I almost wish I didn't have a shower curtain friendly bathroom
congratulation, good idea. And this for your next challenge ;-) <br /> <br />http://www.clevershower.de/Bildergalerie
Conserve water, shower with a friend.
Such a fantastic build - I bet this would look great with a patterned shower curtain. :D

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