Picture of Whale Pencil Bag
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I saw the most adorable fabric and I knew that I just had to recreate it. Plus the pencil bag I was carrying around has seen better days. So I killed two birds with one stone and make a whale pencil bag.

  • note cards
  • acrylic paint in orange, green,blue,pink,and white
  • black sharpie
  • craft knife
  • 8"in zipper
  • denim and cotton fabric
  • sewing machine 
  • sponges for each color
  • hole puncher

Step 1: Note Card Whales

Picture of Note Card Whales
Start with your note card and draw a whale similar to the one I drew. Now you want to cut that out using a craft or exto knife.
Cindy021 year ago
I just made one!
Cindy021 year ago
So cute!