Picture of Whaletail! Coat Rack Part 1
I'm makin' a coat rack! This instructable will be broken down into several parts, each one focusing on a skill necessary to create each component of my coat rack. My goal is to make this piece modular...we'll see how it goes...=)

Rhino 4.0/AutoDesk Inventor
123D Make
Cut 3D

Materials Needed:
Wood (Maple, Pine...whatever you can find)
Metal Rod/Tubing 1/2" and 1/4 "(Steel, Stainless, or Aluminum)
Sheet Metal 16g or 14g (Steel, Stainless, or Aluminum)
Wood glue

Skills and Tools Needed: 
Shop Bot 2 and 2.5D
Water Jet
TIG Welding
Slip Roll
5"  Diameter Pipe
Sanding and filing

Step 1: Making a model

Picture of Making a model
I began by taking measurements of the space for the coat rack. I looked up some standard sizes to get an idea of how large it should be. I also had a handy dandy dead tomato plant to use as a reference! 

Once I gathered my measurements, I created a model in Rhino 4.0. The parts in purple will be made of wood and the blue, metal. From this model, you're going to create the part files for the Shop Bot.