What Are HTML Hex Codes and How to Find Them




Introduction: What Are HTML Hex Codes and How to Find Them

Hex Codes are the codes used by HTML coders to give color to any object while coding. Hex codes are written after a Hashtag. These codes represent a unique color and are of realy good use for the HTML developers. This Photoshop tutorial video shows how you can find the hex codes using two methods. 1. If you have a shape layer, just double click the layer icon and the color window pop up is opened. In this window at the bottom of the RGB color codes you will find your Hex code.2. If you want to get hex code from a rasterize layer then all you need to do is choose the picker tool and click on the image. The color swatches will pick the color and from there you can see what is the hex code for the color.Don't forget to like and subscribe for more informative Photoshop tutorials.



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