What Can Be Made Out of Bubble Wrap | Bubble Wrap Experiment





Introduction: What Can Be Made Out of Bubble Wrap | Bubble Wrap Experiment


Step 1: From Bubble Wrap Can Made Many Ideas

In this instructables tutorial I show you how to make candy jell-o in forme bubble wrap.
You need:
- bubble wrap;
- 300 ml of boiling water;
- 70 g gelatin of sour cherries;
- syringe.

Step 2: Here's a Quick and Easy Dessert Idea I Wanted to Re Create - DIY Bubbles Jell-o!

Step 3: These Shots Look Just Like Real Orbeez Jell-o.

Step 4: This Recipe Realy Amazing Art Especially the Part Where I to Eat It)))!!!!!!

Step 5: So Gummy and Delicious!

I hope you enjoyed!



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    suplamintig bone marrow toxicploicthil clorid mkes for a charming dessert

    Could you translate that into English?

    ...Is it safe to eat?

    Wow! That is really awesome. Kids would love this. Could probably easily make to look like eyeballs or layered. My three mid twenty year olds would love this. They still eat gummy candy...me too.

    Ha! Cover this with Fauxtex, and you can make a nasty bleeding wound on demand!

    Bubblewrap is made of toxic polyvinyl chloride and definately not suitable for anything with good. :o

    ...you mean the same toxic Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) that Blood Bags, IV Bags and hydration bladders are made from? While it is a good try, most bubble wrap is a multi-layer barrier Poly co-extrusion composed primarily of polyethylene with some Nylon layers to help contain the air.

    Oh Please! The human body is exposed to toxic things continuously. I believe, yes, some are cumulative, however unless you are seriously compromised this would not be harmful. Think about it, it is not something that a person is going to consume in large quantities and ona daily basis. Do you use sandwich bags? And do you ever eat birthday cake or cupcakes?

    Most bubble wrap is made of polyethylene LDPE. I Doubt that it's made in a sterile process though.LDPE is used in a lot of food containers.

    Yeah, I don't think any bubble wrap is made with PVC.