Introduction: What Can Be Made Out of Bubble Wrap | Bubble Wrap Experiment

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Step 1: From Bubble Wrap Can Made Many Ideas

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In this instructables tutorial I show you how to make candy jell-o in forme bubble wrap.
You need:
- bubble wrap;
- 300 ml of boiling water;
- 70 g gelatin of sour cherries;
- syringe.

Step 2: Here's a Quick and Easy Dessert Idea I Wanted to Re Create - DIY Bubbles Jell-o!

Picture of Here's a Quick and Easy Dessert Idea I Wanted to Re Create - DIY Bubbles Jell-o!

Step 3: These Shots Look Just Like Real Orbeez Jell-o.

Picture of These Shots Look Just Like Real Orbeez Jell-o.

Step 4: This Recipe Realy Amazing Art Especially the Part Where I to Eat It)))!!!!!!

Picture of This Recipe Realy Amazing Art Especially the Part Where I to Eat It)))!!!!!!

Step 5: So Gummy and Delicious!

Picture of So Gummy and Delicious!

I hope you enjoyed!


tlm67 (author)2016-05-28

suplamintig bone marrow toxicploicthil clorid mkes for a charming dessert

Zaacharia (author)tlm672016-09-06

Could you translate that into English?

TimF13 (author)2016-08-22

...Is it safe to eat?

JanetB84 (author)2016-06-15

Wow! That is really awesome. Kids would love this. Could probably easily make to look like eyeballs or layered. My three mid twenty year olds would love this. They still eat gummy too.

flyingpuppy (author)2016-06-05

Ha! Cover this with Fauxtex, and you can make a nasty bleeding wound on demand!

cramming (author)2016-05-23

Bubblewrap is made of toxic polyvinyl chloride and definately not suitable for anything with good. :o

Dniblo (author)cramming2016-06-02 mean the same toxic Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) that Blood Bags, IV Bags and hydration bladders are made from? While it is a good try, most bubble wrap is a multi-layer barrier Poly co-extrusion composed primarily of polyethylene with some Nylon layers to help contain the air.

SueC60 (author)cramming2016-05-28

Oh Please! The human body is exposed to toxic things continuously. I believe, yes, some are cumulative, however unless you are seriously compromised this would not be harmful. Think about it, it is not something that a person is going to consume in large quantities and ona daily basis. Do you use sandwich bags? And do you ever eat birthday cake or cupcakes?

dabooge (author)cramming2016-05-26

Most bubble wrap is made of polyethylene LDPE. I Doubt that it's made in a sterile process though.LDPE is used in a lot of food containers.

kennan (author)dabooge2016-05-26

Yeah, I don't think any bubble wrap is made with PVC.

nic.bryan.73 (author)kennan2016-05-27

And even it it was, PVC is used in the water-pipes inside houses. There's a good 8 feet of PVC tubing connecting the water spigot on my grandma's fridge, and a 4 foot length connecting my RO filter at home. It's only toxic if you burn it.

dabooge (author)nic.bryan.732016-05-27

I found this info,

Plastic pipe such as PVC (polyvinyl chloride, used for cold water only), and CPVC (chlorinated polyvinyl chloride, used for both hot and cold water) have been around for years, and both are approved for use with drinking water.

nic.bryan.73 (author)dabooge2016-05-28

Thank you Dabooge. I didn't actually know there were specific types of PVC for hot vs cold water.

nealalan (author)nic.bryan.732016-05-28

I doubt it's PVC plastic. And PVC is never suppose to be used for drinking water lines, particular hot drinking water.

nealalan (author)2016-05-26

If you want to kill yourself or give yourself cancer, there is way more fun ways to do it than eating chemicals in bubble wrap.

This is great if you want To make some art, but not for inside your body!

FerreiraN (author)nealalan2016-05-30

I respect your fears.
But it's your fear talking, not science or knowledge.
Stay calm, learn more and avoid scaring people for no reason.

MonsterM2 (author)nealalan2016-05-27

Umm... No. Sorry.

GinnyS5 (author)2016-05-29

So we can't eat it...freeze it and use it for first aid. Plus it will smell nice.

agis68 (author)2016-05-29


how you succeded not cooldown the gelo in the needle of the syringe???? Preheated needle?

mjursic (author)2016-05-28

Bubble wrap us made of lead-based gluten, and infused with multi-resistant e-coli. Oh wait--what? It's just plastic? Well carry on! If it tastes good, enjoy! Nice creative little instructible. Thanks. :-)

mjursic (author)2016-05-28

Such a funny comment. So true! Creative little one-off gummee bubbles. Thanks for sharing.

mknollhoff (author)2016-05-26

Love the idea, but wouldn't do it this way. You can get silicon ice trays that are small round dots without the risk.

SueC60 (author)mknollhoff2016-05-28

And much easier. But I admit this is a creative idea.

SueC60 (author)2016-05-28

thank you!

nealalan (author)2016-05-28

The best paint had lead. The best cheap fireproof insulating building material was asbestos. The best pesticide for fruits and vegetables contained arsenic. Please, educate yourself.

nonobadog (author)nealalan2016-05-28

EVERYBODY already knows this. Even YOU already know this. It contributes absolutely nothing to regurgitate these insipid little warnings.

ShutterBugger (author)2016-05-27

Perhaps you can add different colors to make eyeballs. :)

AlexAndAmigos (author)2016-05-27


Gadget93 (author)2016-05-27

Though alot of work, this is a great and a really cute idea. Forget the silliness about what other folks are saying about "toxic". Even on the slight chance that it were slightly toxic, it would be negligible hence still safe since it's not like you are doing it on a regular basis.
I'll probably do this some day for a party.

Moribundi (author)2016-05-26

Any ideas for a non-degradable substance that could be injected instead of jello? Something that won't leak. I'm imagining a back-lit sheet with various colours in each bubble.

flammaefata (author)Moribundi2016-05-27

I haven't tried it but maybe something like silicone can work? Google bubble wrap artwork as there are some interesting things out there.

roger.linhart (author)2016-05-26

As others have mentioned, I would not eat jello prepared this way. You can obtain a similar result with cold oil spherification. Here is an instructable you might like:

Disclosure: I have no relation to the poster of the referenced instructable.

kennan (author)2016-05-26

This technique could be used with non-food colored media like epoxy, acrylic, silicon rubber, etc. for some interesting art or lighting applications. You could even make pointillist or pixel art. Bubble wrap isn't food grade, and considering you're not washing the part that comes into contact with food, you're taking some risk. But jello bubbles are pretty darned cute, I'll grant you that.

pete.hohensee (author)2016-05-26

You could use this to make some decorative window hangings. Just leave the gelatin in the bubbles. Make different patterns with a variety of colors. A cool kids project - as long as an adult is there to use the syringe, or at least supervise the use of the syringe.

ilosmom (author)2016-05-26

Creative but is that sanitary?

belsey (author)2016-05-26

The pictures are pretty, and the impulse to use bubble wrap differently is also commendable, but that's a LOT of work for jello... I would imagine a cheap candy mould you could pour the jello into would have similar results with a lot less labor (and since they're made of food grade materials, it would be safer too).

slydersnyder (author)2016-05-22

would make a great reactive target for plinking!

ccooksey1 (author)slydersnyder2016-05-25

Or fill it with ketchup/(red food coloring liquid) for those in film/video for a cheap fake-blood packet.

ccooksey1 (author)ccooksey12016-05-25

On second thought, you've got a great idea slydersnyder, you could easily fill different bubbles with different colors and it would be a good way to do a rough sight-in of an air rifle on up. It would be easier to see from a distance or using binoculars to see where the shot hit the target.

grannyjones (author)2016-05-24

Making a mold from food-safe silicone sounds like a great idea., but the bubble wrap could be improved on, IMO. I would use the flat glass "marbles" to make a thin gumdrop shape. Yoummy!

grannyjones (author)grannyjones2016-05-24

yummy, damn ipad!

sunharmonics (author)2016-05-24

yummy and gross. cool.

mrgw98 (author)2016-05-22

You sure that is sanitary?

GurtejK1 (author)mrgw982016-05-22

One can always sterilize it with 70% ethanol or isopropanol.

darrenbassett (author)GurtejK12016-05-24

No you can't, I used to work where they made this stuff and it off gasses for 8 years. That is why it always smells no matter where you store it or how ventilated your area is, it is always releasing the chemicals. So yes you could try, but if the alcohol didn't melt it, all you would end up with is a faster release of the chemicals.

A safer idea is to fill the bubble wrap with plaster and let that harden, then take a mould from that in food grade rtv silicone, scrub the rtv 3 or 4 times then use that as a mould instead.

TinaS42 (author)2016-05-23

Oooooooh I see

TinaS42 (author)2016-05-23

so how are you you suppose drink the shots lol

cramming (author)2016-05-23

With food*

jcaroca (author)2016-05-22

Perfect idea for jelly shots! !! thanks a lot!!!!

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