What Can Be Made of Bottle Lids?





Introduction: What Can Be Made of Bottle Lids?

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Step 1: ‚ÄčThis Is a Very Easy Project and Only Requires Plastic Bottle Caps, Lighter, Toothpick, Scissors!

I show how to modify a plastic bottle cap into a nozzle.

Step 2: The Plastic Bottle Cap Is Heated Up With a Lighter Until It Becomes Malleable and Can Stretch.

With a toothpick is then pushed into the bottom of the cap creating a funnel shape sticking out.

Step 3: The Tip Can Be Cut Off Higher or Lower on the Funnel Creating the Desired Diameter of the Hole.

Step 4: It Can Be Used As a Cap for Glue, Sauce, Cooking Oil, Icing, Etc.

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is it safe to use this after burning the bottle lids?

1 reply

Is it safe to use the plastic lid that was formed from melted plastic to begin with?

How do you suppose they form the cap in the first place?

it looks like a pointy hat

Thanks! Looks easy enough to do.

Very useful medichackcollection. Thanx for posting.


Great idea. I broke the three point knob for the tension screw on my Scroll. I ground what was left of the knob until it fitted into a plastic bottle cap I then filled the cap in with two part epoxy, covering the the remains of the knob. It has worked well for about three years and will never break under normal use again.

This is pretty darn cool!

that's really mind blowing for me I never thought of that

really good idea. I often thought it would be cool if a company made a spout for a common bottle, now I can use the cap that came with the bottle!

Wow! I had no idea this was possible!