Picture of What Do You Do With Corks? Make Corkies!
Found out this guy makes little people with champagne corks.
Find him here:
Now I cab use all of my mothers wine corks for something!
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Step 1: Iron Man Corkies

Picture of Iron Man Corkies
These were cut in half and had the LED's placed in. I used coin batteries in the mark 2, but the big battery pack for the mark 3 acts as a stand.
You could use aluminum foil like I did, but sheet metal is more heavy duty and makes a smoother surface.

Step 2: Link Corkie

Picture of Link Corkie
I made this for my friend RJ, since he is a big Zelda fan...(kazoonhike). This is just fabric and some hot glue. The sword and shield is make from cardstock covered with aluminium foil.

Step 3: Batman Corkies

Picture of Batman Corkies
Fabric, paint, and hot glue. Know why it's that simple? Because I'M BATMAN!

Ok, I just like batman so I had to say that.
I advise you give some of the fame to 'sjroth'
Who came up with this idea, Not trying to be mean.
Thanks, wellingtonian
JesusGeek (author)  sjroth1 year ago
I just know saw this, I added your name and link into the introduction.
Thanks, JesusGeek