What Do You Do With Corks? Make Corkies!

Picture of What Do You Do With Corks? Make Corkies!
Found out this guy makes little people with champagne corks.
Find him here:
Now I cab use all of my mothers wine corks for something!
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Step 1: Iron Man Corkies

Picture of Iron Man Corkies
These were cut in half and had the LED's placed in. I used coin batteries in the mark 2, but the big battery pack for the mark 3 acts as a stand.
You could use aluminum foil like I did, but sheet metal is more heavy duty and makes a smoother surface.

Step 2: Link Corkie

Picture of Link Corkie
I made this for my friend RJ, since he is a big Zelda fan...(kazoonhike). This is just fabric and some hot glue. The sword and shield is make from cardstock covered with aluminium foil.

Step 3: Batman Corkies

Picture of Batman Corkies
Fabric, paint, and hot glue. Know why it's that simple? Because I'M BATMAN!

Ok, I just like batman so I had to say that.
I advise you give some of the fame to 'sjroth'
Who came up with this idea, Not trying to be mean.
Thanks, wellingtonian
JesusGeek (author)  sjroth9 months ago
I just know saw this, I added your name and link into the introduction.
Thanks, JesusGeek

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