What Happened With Coca-Cola Green???





Introduction: What Happened With Coca-Cola Green???


Step 1: To Do a Cola Green You Need!!!

Hi everyone, Look Happened With Coca-Cola Green!!!
In this video I show you how to Do It Yourself Cola Green - is an easy recipe for everyone.
What you will need make Gummy Cola :
- For the DIY bottle form - coke Bottle (500 ml), scotch.
- For DIY Cola Jelly Green - Coca Cola (500ml), 100 g of gelatin kiwi.

Step 2: If You Want to Know How to Make Coca Cola Bottle Green - Just Follow Cooking Tutorial Step by Step.

Step 3: Try My Recipe and Create Your Own Tastes With Other Jelly Flavor.

Step 4: Coca-Cola Green Is Ready!!!



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    ouch I feel it for that bottle. great instructable!

    Ohhh...scotch TAPE

    I couldn't see why or where whisky was being used ?

    4 replies

    same! Was just gonna type that!

    Isn't that part of every instructable (at least for over 21's)? You gotta lube up your grey cells somehow ;D

    Was thinking the same thing lol...


    Finally! Coke without the phosphoric acid! To prevent bone loss, I have not had a Coke for over eight years. Not even sure I would still like it.

    2 replies

    that's diet coke

    all cola is made with phosphoric acid. It is very caustic, but a hundred times cheaper than citric acid. Coke doesn't care if our spines crumble.

    change scotch to scotch tape- very confusing!

    I love it! I am so going to do that! Maybe try a different flavor, though. I'm not sure I like the artificial kiwi taste. Especially in gelatin. But I love the idea! Can't wait to show my kids!


    i will never do that but nice idea

    You had me at scotch... then I got lost for a moment, lol!

    Pretty neat, my wife will get a kick out of it, thanks!