What I Did on My Summer Vacation.


Introduction: What I Did on My Summer Vacation.

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Or "How to satisfy your wife."
Seeing as I'm not working right now, and I only have one class, my wife asked (commanded from on high) that I convert a spare bedroom that has thus fan been used only for storage into a "craft room" for her. Talk about run on sentences, huh?



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    Maybe make this a little more informing.

    Great though, how sweet of you to do decorate and renovate!!!

    Hmmm, doing something for your wife? The complete opposite of Kiteman...

    +5/5 stars.

    Isn't loading now for me either, must be a server problem.

    Looks like a definite improvement. How long did it take?

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    I really didn't keep track, I worked on it when I felt like it, maybe 60+ hours.

    Yay wood flooring!