This is a Buck Boost converter, which is a kind of high efficient power supply module with Constant voltage, constant current, under-voltage protection.

What is Buck Converter ?

It can step down the voltage

What is boost converter ?

It can step up the voltage

And This LTC3780 is Buck boost converter !

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Step 1: What Are These Pots ?

Far right one is for Under voltage protection (VV) and it is mostly used for Solar Charging

What does it mean ?

The device can monitor a DC-DC output voltage and quickly disconnect the power source from the DC-DC input load when an overvoltage condition occurs. A power-OK output signals when the DC-DC input voltage falls below an adjustable threshold.

Center one is for Constant Current ( CC)

What does it mean ?

A constant current is that does not change its intensity with time.

Left one is for Constant Voltage ( CV )

What does it mean ?

Same as CC does not change over time

Step 2: How Much Power Can It Handle ? and Efficiency ?

It depends on the board the one which I have used can handle Up to 130W

But after 80W it needs to increase the Heat Dissipation


The sweet spot for the efficiency is 98% at 12V

Step 3: Lets Power It Up !

I had a bunch of LED's soldered in parallel

After powering it up I have to say it worked like charm and I was able to control the voltage and current to change the intensity of the LED's

Step 4: Ending Notes

From where I got mine ?

Gearbest - Click Here

LTC3780 - Click Here

Volt Amp Display - Click Here

Shipping Time ?

It took 2 weeks for me to reach India

Packaging ?

Excellent Static proof bags with bubble wrap in it

Note - In the Next Instructables And video I am going the built a power Supply out of it !

So For updates you can check my Youtube Channel, Facebook And Instagram

Hope you like this Instructables

Happy Making !

<p>I have one which outputs stuff correctly. but the OP amp gets TOASTY! I used a tiny heatsink on the op amp (lm358).</p><p>can anyone tell me if their's do that too? because litteraly the second Ibought it I accidentally smashed the circuit with my screw driver while adjusting those annoying pots :D</p><p>sadly the second one I bought had the same thing happen to it. only this time it made a giant spark on constant and now it gives me a constant 2.3v and the ltc3780 heats up very quickly</p>
Hi can i power it using a 12 volt2 amp adapter (the tata sky ones)
Yes but you won't be able to exceed 24W power I would recommended getting one 12v 5A or 10A smps
Sir can i power it with a atx power supply and can i power it more than 10amp power supply please help me.
Hello ! I tried to used one of those for a variable psu however when I tried powering up the board, it wouldn't output anything and the FAULT led was lit.. I powered it up with a 12V playstation3 power supply and tries measuring the output voltage using a voltmeter. Did I do something wrong or was it just a doa board ? Could anyone help me please :)
try turning the 3rd pot
<p>can i change the current pot whit a 220k ohm pot impart from the 200k pot?</p>
<p>Yes it won't make any difference because it is making voltage difference if doesn't works let me know </p>

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