Introduction: What Is a FLAME Sensor??

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What is a flame sensor? Well the name kinda gives it away its a sensor that detects flame. Unlike a smoke detector that detects smoke this sensor detects the flame of a fire, good if you have a fireplae and you want to have updates on weather it is still burning or not.

Step 1: Program and Wire the Arduino

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Download the code Here

This is the code i used:

void setup() {



void loop() {




Step 2: Use the FLAME Sensor :)

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Notice the LED is off when there is no flame and is on when there is flame near it. I got up to a yard awa before the LED started flickering.

Step 3: What the Sensor Was Outputing

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When there was no flame i was getting a solid 453 into the arduino and when there was flame i got a solid 219


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