Are you ever going somewhere where you want/need a pillow, like a friends house or traveling? Are you also annoyed of carrying bags of clothes or supplies? Well now you can make something to fix those problems, I introduce to you the Pillow-Pack, the Pillow that works as a comfortable pillow and a bag to hold your stuff. It is easy to carry, works great, lasts for years (I made one 3 years ago and it still works), and your hand are not full anymore!

Step 1: Supplies

You are going to need:

1. A felt/cloth that is 22 inches by 32 inches.

2. A felt/cloth that is 22 inches by 64 inches.

3. A needle for sewing

4. A sowing machine

5. Thread that matches your felt/cloth

6. Some sort of strap/Rope that is 1.5-2 inches by about 50 inches (some extra will be needed)

7. A roll of Painter's Tape

8. Clear tape

<p>Great entry for the Bag contest. you have my vote.</p>

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