So this is just some of the things i've been working on. Theres a slingshot sniper and a TR-8 which are the only things that shoot,the rest of them are models. I've got a selection of knives, an assassins creed hidden blade, a grenade, a sniper rifle, a shotgun, an assault rifle that was originally susposed to be an M110 but then turned into a kind of M4-ish thing because it had oblivitus' ultim\te M4 barrel on and now its just an assault rifle and TheDunkis' UMP which I put a folding stock on and it didnt shoot so I strengthehed it and made it into a model. Also I have a multitude of attachments and a quadpod for my camera which works surprisingly well. I also have a few guns which I couldnt get pictures for like an verypoopy's M60, Twistedparadox's AK-47  which I changed the stock on a new, better sniper model and a minigun that featured spinning barrels but I could never get it to work, zak's slingshot sniper rifle, a new crossbow mech and I put killerK's shotgun on DJRadio's blueprint pistol. Most of my guns are models so dont shoot. Sorry if the pictures are in the wrong order, my internet connection isnt being very freindly.
Oh my word!!! Id hate to fight u! O__0
looks like your ready for a zombie attack man, thats awesome
Neat work!
Thanks! <br>
Your stuff is really good, but the only thing that caught my attention was the sights, and some pins, work on those, other than that, really nice and well made guns!
thanks! :) <br> <br>
np :)
I don't think you have enough pieces. You should go buy more!
/sarcasm? :D
Of course lol. He has like twenty weapons built at once.
Yeah I got a lot for really cheap on eBay and I build as many as I can at once
The last rifle seems nice. =D
No prob.
I don't see your modded version of my pistol in the slideshow. :(
no, I couldnt get a picture of it sadly.
Those look great. =D
cheers. <br>

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