What Should I Post More Of?


Introduction: What Should I Post More Of?

About: Feel free to check out my Instagram and youtube, they are both donttrustthepig. A wannabe machinist. I'm always trying to improve my techniques. Most of the time I'm making lantern keychains

Step 1:

***Not an instructable****Hey guys, sorry I haven't been posting in a while. I've been doing alot of gun smithing and I can't post stuff like that. Anyway, I was wondering what you, the people, want me to post more of.such as welding, metalwork, knives, paracord,basic gun smithing stuff, or whatever else you want to see, just leave an anwser in the comments. THANKS



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    Hello, I am glad that you want to participate in the Instructables community. Unfortunately, this does not qualify as an Instructable. However, this would make a great forum topic.

    Please post this in the forums.

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