Step 1: Food

You need food more than anything. It's extremely critical to survival. Canned food with pull open tops are best since you don't need a can opener. Try to have a variety. You still need to stay healthy.
I would replace the baking soda and vinegar rocket with a signal mirror and a whistle. Those two can be used many times, while the rocket has only one shot.
definitely a life straw! I cycled across Canada this summer and carried it for when I ran dry. I only used it a few times, but I'm tellin ya.... Jesus straw my friend... Jesus straw.
My recommendations would be a nalgene 32 oz bottle with the fitted mug which is perfect for boiling water or making a pack of ramen even a can of soup. <br> <br>Having some emergency tinder can be made as simply as coating some cotton balls in wax, that and a fire striker are a must but nothing wrong with having a lighter to make things easier. <br> <br>SOCKS...sounds like i should say clothes in general, but i mean socks. your feet are gonna take the most torture if most bug out situations, 2-3 pairs wont take up much room. <br> <br>Lastly i think the most useful thing is my bag is my 100' spool of 550 paracord, endless survival applications.
Thanks guys, ill make sure to get a flint and steel and buy a water filtering device, maybe a life straw, or maybe just a pan! I appreciate all your feedback.
You need water more than food, but other than that is great
great start. I think you are ahead of most people. I would do some more research and take a look at other peoples bags on you tube or where ever. get an idea of what they carry and take what applies to you. Learn about everything you carry, how and why it works. Remember the mind is the best prep you can have... if you have any questions let me know. good luck
I was in the military over twenty years. I teach disaster preparedness. There are five essentials for survival. <br>1. Water<br>2. Shelter<br>3. Food<br>4. Security<br>5. Fire<br>The priority varies with the situation. I don't see any fire making items in your kit. Also, try to think multi purpose. AND your choice of water isn't good. Bottled water is only good for about three months. Plastic breathes, it eventually lets in air, and bacteria. I'm not trying to knock your effort, just trying to help you get better.

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Bio: I'm a 14 year old future USMC Scout Sniper. I am into survival gear, military stuff, emergency preparedness, and strength ad fitness training.
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