Picture of What To Do When Borded
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Step 1: Sleep

Picture of Sleep
Sleep it will let u get rid of a couple boring hours

Step 2: Read

Picture of Read
It's super boring but if u choose a good book it's ok

Step 3: Bug Your Siblings

Picture of Bug Your Siblings
Bug your siblings will be super fun... But get ready to run they will chase you and lock u in a closet

Step 4: Watch Tv

Picture of Watch Tv
If you watch tv you will be entertained.

Step 5: Play On Devices

Picture of Play On Devices
You can brows the internet

Step 6: Fix Your Hair

Picture of Fix Your Hair
If u fix it it will look pretty so u can take pretty selfies

Step 7: Try To Touch Your Nose With Your Tounge

Picture of Try To Touch Your Nose With Your Tounge
It's hard but supper fun

Step 8: Hang With A Friend

Picture of Hang With A Friend
When you hang out with someone it is usually fun

Step 9: Take Funny Selfies

Picture of Take Funny Selfies
Take funny selfies and send them to your friends

Step 10: Look Up Things On What To Do When U Are Bored

Picture of Look Up Things On What To Do When U Are Bored
U already know how cause your doin it right now
rhett51 year ago
i dont have hair to do
14, 5:33 PM.jpg
davelayde1 year ago
Her username is cutie125, that says a lot about her. A lot
rhett51 year ago
bored not borrd or borded
rhett51 year ago
Forget those two, wicked post!
MrOddjob1 year ago

You could also brush up on your spelling skills, that may kill a fair bit of time!

Agreed. The word is YOU. Spell the whole word. YOU can't possibly be in that big of a rush.