Step 1: Sleep

Sleep it will let u get rid of a couple boring hours

Step 2: Read

It's super boring but if u choose a good book it's ok

Step 3: Bug Your Siblings

Bug your siblings will be super fun... But get ready to run they will chase you and lock u in a closet

Step 4: Watch Tv

If you watch tv you will be entertained.

Step 5: Play on Devices

You can brows the internet

Step 6: Fix Your Hair

If u fix it it will look pretty so u can take pretty selfies

Step 7: Try to Touch Your Nose With Your Tounge

It's hard but supper fun

Step 8: Hang With a Friend

When you hang out with someone it is usually fun

Step 9: Take Funny Selfies

Take funny selfies and send them to your friends

Step 10: Look Up Things on What to Do When U Are Bored

U already know how cause your doin it right now
Add to your list ... Spell Checking?
i dont have hair to do
Her username is cutie125, that says a lot about her. A lot
bored not borrd or borded
Forget those two, wicked post!
<p>You could also brush up on your spelling skills, that may kill a fair bit of time!</p>
<p>Agreed. The word is YOU. Spell the whole word. YOU can't possibly be in that big of a rush.</p>

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