When u are home alone sometimes you just get REALLY REALLY REALLY board and have nothing to do well I know what to do now so just read down below and u will never be bored again

Step 1: TV

Watch. Ur fave tv show or movie

Step 2: Play With Ur Pet

Playing with ur pet really helps u become inboard it also keeps u unstressed and it keeps ur pet very happy

Step 3: EATTTT!!!

If u are alone eat it it so much fun
<p>holla at me</p>
<p>what else can i do??????????????????</p><p>answer me please babe</p>
<p>what else can i do??????????????????</p><p>answer me please babe</p>
And thx lukeasz
Ik it was stupid auto correct I should really turn it off
This is not considered an instructable. This does not show you how to make anything and therefore is not an instructable.
Eating when you're bored is a sure way to gain excessive weight, and is hardly a recommended activity.
who cares! i love food!
You misspelled board
<p>step 1: YouTube, screw live TV, watch YouTube.</p>
<p>Step 4: Write an instructable</p>
of course 'u cud always lern a bit o spellin n gramma'
<p>I agree.</p>
<p>Nailed it. Some people dont have a pet but I think theyre covered by the eat and watch tv. That should keep them inboard.</p>
Best instructable ever

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