Introduction: What to Do When Your Kids Are Bored

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Today I'm going to show you five things to do if your kids are little and they want to

Step 1: Dress Up/fashion Show

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Give them options of clothes to dress up in and lay out some stuffed animals and have them be the audience that should keep them occupied.

Step 2: Chores

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Have them do some non torturing jobs

Step 3: Water Activities

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Set up the sprinkler let them in the pool

Step 4: Electronics

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Let them play those games

Step 5: Sleep

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Have them get some zzzzz's


ashleaf (author)2014-08-26


ashleaf (author)2014-08-26

I agree with paracody

paracordry (author)2014-07-27

This has nothing to do with outdoors

kendalyn04 (author)2014-07-11

I love your cat pic it's cute

kendalyn04 (author)2014-07-09


kendalyn04 (author)2014-07-09


-fluffybunny- (author)2014-07-07

Im a teen but i still do that. I am so immature... To bad!!

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