Introduction: What to Do With Scrap Wood

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I hope you get some ideas please comment any ideas you have or question, please favorite. Thank you! And check out my other projects like 169 piece lamp that I entered it the woodworking contest!

Step 1: Cutting Boards

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They don't use that much wood and are very useful.

Step 2: Pens

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It you have a lath then pens are great use of scrap.

Step 3: Bud Vase

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Bud vases don't have to be turned there are lots of ways to make them. Go on you tube there will be great videos.

Step 4: Segmented Projects

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This bowl was made of of scrap

Step 5: Boxes

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Wether there turned or not you can use lots of different types of woods.

Step 6: Shop Projects

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Use some of your crappy wood

Step 7:


masterjarhead (author)2014-05-09

Thank you

These are all so pretty! It's amazing what you can do with scraps!

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