Introduction: What to Have in a Camera Bag for Skateboard Photography

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In this instructable i will be showing you what i carry with me in my camera bag for skateboarding

Step 1: A Camera

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The camera i use for photography/videography is the panasonic lumix dmc-fz70

Now, this is not a camera that is designed for filming, although it has that feature. It is designed to zoom in on far away things for pictures.

Step 2: Handle

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The handle i use for filming is the cam caddy scorpion.
It is used to stabilize the footage and give you something to hold on to while filming lines.

Step 3: Cleaning Equipment

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I have my cleaning equipment in a small lens bag. It has a blower 2 brushes and a microfiber cleaning cloth

Step 4: Lenses

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I have 2 fisheye lenses, an opteka .20x super fisheye and an opteka platinum series .3 ultra fisheye

Step 5: Charger/ Extra Batteries

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The charger and extra batteries are very important because without them your camera could die in the middle of fiming, ending the day for you.

Step 6: Filters/ Step Up / Down Rings

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Filters are important to have while filming to give your shot that extra bit of style. I use a vivitar 55mm UV filter.
The step up and down rings are important to have for your lenses to fit i use 2 rings a 58-55 and a 37-55 mm ring

Step 7: Bipod/ Tripod

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Bipods and tripods are important for filming or photographing a trick with much more stability. And if you dont have steady hands a tripod it the way to go.

Step 8: Extras

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Some extra things you should carry with you are your transfer cables and some cleaning tissue paper.

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tomatoskins (author)2015-07-23

This is some great info! Thanks for sharing!

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