I love XKCD, and one particular cartoon has been preying on my mind for quite some time.

I decided to make it real.

(If you haven't realised by now, I'm making a real version of XKCD strip #88, "What Would Escher Do?".)

Step 1: The Needings

You will need...
  • A silicon wristband.
  • A very sharp knife
  • Gorilla Glue*
  • Clear adhesive tape
You may also need something to decorate the band, but I'll leave that to your own imaginings.

*Before using Gorilla Glue, I tried this with super glue (failed) and welding with the heat of a soldering iron (failed).  If you find another method for sticking silicon bands together, please leave a comment about it.
<p>Shoe Goo is a bit thick, but it's flexible when dry. It works on most surfaces.</p>
also perhaps the glue used for model airplanes would work it srrms to excel at plastic adhesion
<p>No, that glue works by dissolving the pladtic slightly. Silicon rubber won't dissolve.</p>
or will it?
this made me laugh so hard well done!!!!
<p>Thank you!</p>
If in theory a mobius strip has only one side, then a three dimensional version should truly be identified as a triangle. It may take a while to understand if you are not highly interested in geometry and physics. If you don't understand at all it may help to know that if you put your fingers on the &quot;two&quot; main sides, you are really just touching one side in two spots. Your mind has just been blown, you can in theory say you are touching a tangible triangle!
No, because a band like this starts with four faces; in, out and two edges. <br> <br>So, if you're going to be pedantic, this becomes a three-dimensional object with two faces, joined at a single edge at 90 degrees.
Right, I guess I may have used improper terminology in calling it a triangle. However it is a three dimensional shape with only three sides, so in other word I do not know what to call it. I would also like to point out as I did before that if you touch the two sides you are touching two points of the same plane only from different angles. I could also have been wrong, but the way I see it in brain is hard to put into words.
This is called a 'Mobius Strip' discovered by two scieniss that I forgot the name of somewhere in the 1800's ( I think it was 1864 but I'm not sure :P ).
This is called a 'Mobius Strip' discovered by two scientist that I forgot the name of somewhere in the 1800's ( I think it was 1864 but I'm not sure :P ).
(See the link in step 4...?)
oh, I just read step 1 and 2 before (was busy studying on how to code HTMLs).
i love that comic to :D
This is so cute! And so simple too!! I definitely want to make one!
Thank you!
So simple yet so awesome!
Thank you.
Am I really reading an instructable about cutting a rubber band and taping and gluing it back together?<br><br>I can't put my finger on it but something is terribly wrong with the world.
+1 to this post
[looks for the thumbs up button for this comment ;) but not even a like button]
Hey, just because you didn't think of it first...<br><br><sub>(Can't really argue with nearly 4000 views and over 200 referrals...)</sub>
Nice application of mobius.<br>
Thank you.
Now that you have your mobius strip or band, slit the strip along its length. Then slit the band along its length again. The results are quite surprising.
I saw your Kiteman shop. Looks very good but errr... shouldn't you have some kites for sale there?
Haha, Cafepress don't sell kites - maybe I'll get around to creating some kite images one day...
I love Escher and your idea. The only thing I would suggest as a Escher &quot;twist&quot; on the Mobius band would be to put &quot;WW&quot; on one end (side A of your cut band) and &quot;ED&quot; on the other end (side B of your cut band). This would put &quot;WW&quot; and &quot;ED&quot; on either side of the twist in your band. I look forward to making and proudly wearing my own &quot;WWED&quot; band; thank you for this instructable.<br>
I always wondered what it means XKCD
Y somebody translates them a español: http://es.xkcd.com/
Some instructables merecen ser translated to espa&ntilde;ol, too!
Hey thanks for sharing, Kiteman! The M&ouml;bius strip has always fascinated me and I really love your take on how it can be used to accentuate or elevate the wristband message.<br> <br> I love XKCD too!<br> <br> Thanks again!<br> <br> PS As a scientist and teacher, I thought you may enjoy a little <a href="http://www.lab-initio.com" rel="nofollow">Nick Kim</a>&nbsp;- fellow Scientist and&nbsp;Sceptic&nbsp;(http://www.lab-initio.com). &nbsp;Cartoons from his site are free to use for personal, non-profit, research, and educational purposes. &nbsp;Science related are ordered <a href="http://www.lab-initio.com/science_perspective.html" rel="nofollow">here</a> - a selection of his 'best' (to give you some idea of his humour), <a href="http://www.lab-initio.com/best.html" rel="nofollow">here</a>.
Oh, Nearing Zero!<br><br>Yes, I love that, but I hadn't looked at the site for ages, thanks for reminding me of it!
Hey Kiteman! I also just discovered another profile that is a spammer (or spam-bot)<br>https://www.instructables.com/member/bfdslf9a/<br>It seems to me to be the same person (thing?)<br>The 'ible I found the spam on:<br>https://www.instructables.com/id/Giant-match-chair-La-Pucelle/<br>(I really am starting to get annoyed at spammers!)
XKCD is great ;P I thought the name came form there being no other available domain names
I like it.
Thank you.
Its great how something so simple can spark abstract thinking. <br>Thanks for sharing! ;)
You're welcome. Little projects are fun.

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