There are many thing you can do with an old watch.

I am using a Timex iron man watch.

Step 1:

You can do anything with and old watch like:

putting on a bike

Step 2:

Or putting it on a toaster,

Step 3:

or putting it on a computer (for some weird reason)

(on the computer is my other instructable if you are interested in origami i recommend my other instructables)

Step 4:

so i got creative and made a ghostbusters proton gun and added the watch to that to make it a meter or PKE meter

Step 5:

if you use any of these ideas, please, put a picture in the comments of your finished project!

Thank you for using my instructable and please remember to favorite or share this instructable.


<p>once i bought my son a wooden bike, he like it motorcycle feel, so i grab a broken CASIO for dashboard, he loved it.</p>
<p>thats great. i never thought of using it for that. thats a pretty good idea!</p>
<p>thx its just a picture i put because my name is ninjacat1 </p>
<p>love the cat!</p>
Nice cat.

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