Picture of What a silly hat!
This is a silly hat! Just a fantasy with a few LED's a bit of cloth, and a chip lying around.

Fashionable words:

Modifying a hat.
Personifying mass production.
Hand-made: sewing and soldering and programming.
DIY: well, I didn't make the LED's nor the chip, nor the pieces of cloth, the batteries, the rest, yes..
Recycling discarded LED's, the red ones, not very bright, i always recycle parts....
Bling: adding some bright LED's and two hand shapes made with a lasercutter.

Yes and no:
yes because of the different things you have to do: sewing, programming, soldering all a bit from incompatible domains.
no: this is not String Theory, it is rather normal stuff on all levels.

YES: this is an invitation to make your own versions and explore further, you can add all the things from your bag of tricks!

These few very bad shots to prove that it works. Filming LED's is somehow difficult business with my cheap digital camera :-)
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Step 1: Tools needed

Soldering device

Sewing machine, needles, scissors

Programmer, laptop with either AVR or Crosspack or avrdude
Crosspack: MacOS
AVR Studio: Windows
a programmer, or you can use your Arduino Uno too...
I used my avrispkkII

A nice desk to work on, some good light, magnifying glass

depending on your demands 1 afternoon to a few days (depending on your detailing abilities)