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Introduction: What an Electric Motorcycle Sounds Like

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Curious as to what an electric motorcycle sounds like?

Well, lots of people ask me about it, so I shot a video showing of what my cycle sounds like. No background music, no audio editing, just some shots of the cycle as I actually use it in real life.

If you think that "Loud Pipes Save Lives", please check out a way to make an electric motorcycle sound exactly like ANY other cycle out there!

This cycle is running just a plain stock chain. I also test-rode a commercially-available electric cycle a while back. That one featured a belt drive. Man, was that thing quiet!

Enjoy the video!

For more on this project, stop by my blog at: http://300mpg.org/



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    Amazingly quiet. I want one.

    Thats awesome. If I didnt know any better it sounds a bit softer than a scooter.

    1 reply

    Yeah, it's definately quieter than a 50cc scooter.