Step 2: Step 3: the Hard Part

1. Pour the milk into your measuring cup
2. From there pour the milk into the empty bottle of syrup
3. TIGHTLY twist the cap on the syrup bottle (step may vary depending on the syrup bottle)
4. After you make sure it is TIGHTLY close on, as the song goes "Shake, Shake, Shake, Shake, uh shake it"!
5. Prepare for step 4!
I have done this for years - good way to clean out the bottle for recycling and enjoy the very last drop too. In addition, I do this with jelly and jam jars that are nearly empty. Just pour in some milk, shake thoroughly, and enjoy a frothy fruit-flavored drink!
drink it from the bottle thats what i do
well i didnt use a cup i drank it out of the bottle like one of those squirt bottles it was yummy<br />
you are shockingly simple....
Ahh! You beat me to it! Ah, well. I'll have a chocolate milk for you.

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