Introduction: What Can Replace the Broken Intex Oars Connector

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Everybody, who has an Intex Inflatable boat or Intex Kayak has a Paddles with black plastic connector,

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Which is not so strong and can be broken easily.It is difficult to find on-line replacement,

and even if you find it, it will cost you around $12-14 + more,more,more.

I found new paddles for $23 on ebay, cheapest price, but I don't need new pair of paddles and
I want to solve this issue with less money.

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I found in Lowes 3/4" pipe connector, which was for $3.60 - I bought two for me.

Step 3: Adjust Step

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I made by "Dremel", or you can use any rotary tool, the input and output cap holes little wide just for one millimeter

Step 4: Decorate Steps

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Paint them in black.

Step 5: Final Steps

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And mount connector to paddles parts.

Caps, then rubber rings

Connect all parts and see the result.

You finished good job and save some money for the beer ;-)))


SteveC329 (author)2017-07-08

have you tested this for use? the only thing holding the oar on place is the rubber ring, which seems. like it could slide over time.

sanskover (author)2016-07-25

I have sort of the same problem with a Coleman inflatable kayak. It's a similar part. The paddle, once assembled, is one long piece that is made up of three aluminum tubes that connect together with the paddle pieces connected to the ends. The connectors also serve as the handholds when you're paddling. I'm thinking that I'll need something a bit longer than what you've used and that I wouldn't want the ridges. Do you think there's a hardware part like this available at a home center? I still can't believe they don't sell a replacement part for this rather flimsy part. I"m sure lots of people break or lose this part. You can see it in this photo

johntrev made it! (author)2015-08-29

Thanks for the tips! I had tried to track down an Intex connector, but they seem not to be in stock...besides that they cost more than they should for something so seriously underbuilt. The plumbing connector cost less than $4 and required very little tinkering to fit. Here's the new connector next to the old black original, which broke off as your had.

jimmyb0nz (author)2015-06-10

We broke ours within a few weeks of having it. Need to fix one more and will use this!! I was going to use screws directly thru the plastic to the metal but this is a perfect fix.

garg11 (author)jimmyb0nz2015-06-11

It will take just from 10 to 30 minutes without painting.

gareth.collier.1985 (author)2015-06-10

A great idea on using plumbing parts, something I will keep in mind for when one of mine do break.

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