What Can You Do With a Bad PC Power Unit


Introduction: What Can You Do With a Bad PC Power Unit


This is my first instructable here on this site. I will show you how you can make simple connectors from the PSU of your old not working PSU.
All the time I bought that type of connector and one day I sad it's time to thinking how to reuse old electronic equipment and see what can we do with.
Let's go.

Step 1: Old PSU Mobo Power Cable Bunch

Cut the old cable bunch from the PSU.

Step 2: Take Out the Cables

It is easy to take out the cables. Just see on the pictures.

Step 3: This Is When the Cables Out

Use a heat wrapping tube to isolate the connector.

Step 4: The End

Now you can see the result.

Now you have a bunch of isolated connector cables for connecting into electronic mobos or whatever without to worry to make a shorten or whatever.
Good luck.



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    Crush slightly with pliers?

    Some time I have to crush it too with pliers. That works.
    Some time it will fit on without of crashing.
    Never know on what type of connector I'm go...

    Really cool! Thanks for sharing and welcome to the community!