What Could Be Better Than Spending Christmas With the Obamas in Your Own Home?





Introduction: What Could Be Better Than Spending Christmas With the Obamas in Your Own Home?

Then this 3D impression is for you. It represents the First Lady’s very own voiceprint wishing you a Merry Christmas!

Surprise your guests with these beautifully sculpted interactive 3D place cards.

Print the cards for your guest names using thick paper.

Then, with their smartphones, everyone can not only see but also hear Michelle Obama wishing them a Merry Christmas. And let the festivities begin!!

Gilles Azzaro

Step 1: STL File and 3D Printing Setup

The file was printed on an "up+2" set at maximum resolution (0.15 mm)- this is important for good quality font printing. Total printing time is 3h50.

Step 2: Download the Blank Card Templates Then Simply Write the Names of Your Guests on Them.

Download here for a size of 4 "x 4" (100 mm x 100 mm). It is also possible to modify the format as required.

Step 3: Scan the QR Code

Use a QR CODE reader on your smartphone.

I use I-NIGMA - available from your favorite Store (Androïd & Apple)




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    thats really cool although when I started reading I hoped it was a prank to get people to turn up at the white house on xmas day

    This is even more exciting than that time the guy whose mail we kept getting got a Christmas card from the Bush family.

    Seems like a threat to people at the holidays, especially Michelle "eat no sweets" obama

    this is such an awesome Instructable! Thanks for sharing it with us, it's so clever!