Are you new to card tricks? Used to be in them but lost intrest and came back? Well here are some things I would recommend to any beginning or experienced magicians:

- Several decks; some card tricks require extensive time to preset the deck(s). This will help out a lot.

- Briefcase (optional); and easy and nice way to keep everything neat and in-order.

- Card trick book; I don't do this, since I mostly get my tricks over the internet.

Thats all I would really recommend. Maybe a few books on how to do card tricks, like doing the double lift.

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Ummmm... Thanks for showing us that card box and telling us we need cards..?<br>Not trying to be mean but.. This is pointless.
is this just an excuse to show off your cards box?
I'm not being a jerk, but I'd have to agree: this is a waste. You should ask to have this one deleted.....and then start over. <br> <br>This is like: <br>&quot;How to take a walk&quot; <br>1st, put on your shoes <br>2nd, walk <br>The end
This is not an instructable. It is hardly even a forum topic. What are you thinking?
hay wat books u suggest
so, um...yea. totally unecessary
Basic things to be a human: body oxygen food
what use does this have all i do is as i learn new tricks i buy what i need realy
What's the point?
I can say only one thing. WHAT??? OK I lied, There is no point to this. Why would you post this? Most magicians also use quarters (or silver dollars cause they're easier to handle) to do tricks with (like disappearance tricks or the "over the knuckle roll"). Of course if your going to do card tricks, you should have at least one deck of cards unless your going to rip some of the cards then you'd need more. But this is to show instructions, not just to post basic materials needed to do magic tricks. Perhaps you should teach people how to put together a "good" starters kit for magic or even better teach a trick. Now that's all I've got to say.

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