Picture of What products to use and how to wax a vehicle
Quickly remove any doubts you have about waxing your vehicle. Follow these simple steps and see your car shine like never before!

I have waxed and detailed cars professionally at dealerships and in my spare time for other individuals. Also, I have waxed large boats for boat dealerships.

Why wax your vehicle?
Waxing a car removes small scratches and can potentially increase the value of a car. Also, rain leaves less spots and it is easier to keep your car clean afterwords. If you have larger scratches, it might be of interest to use a buffer. This will not be discussed in this instructable due to the liability from possibly "burning through" the clear coat of your vehicle.
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Step 1: Suggestions on what products to use to clean up your vehicle

Picture of Suggestions on what products to use to clean up your vehicle
Wax: Turtle Wax Car Wax
Chrome / Metal Polish: Turtle Wax Chrome & Metal Polish
Glass Cleaner: ArmorAll Glass Cleaner
Tire Shine: ArmorAll Tire Foam
Black Plastic Restorer: Meguiars Ultimate Black    Optional
1 Microfiber towel
3-5 clean rags

All of these products should be available at your nearest auto parts store.

Side notes:
I have experimented with other products, but ArmorAll and Turtle Wax both make quality products. Almost all other products are used in the same fashion. Still, it is important to make sure to read the labels to avoid a poor outcome or even damage to your vehicle.

Step 2: Wash and detail

Picture of Wash and detail
Tornado Wash.jpg
Get it clean:
Wash your car by hand or simply go to your local car wash.
When done, make sure you park in a location that is not in direct sunlight. Grab a towel and wipe off any excess water.

Check that all dirt is off of painted areas. Dirt and bugs in the front and rear of vehicles tend to not get removed perfectly by automatic car washes. Pay special attention to those spots when detailing.
The Arbiter5 months ago

Beautiful Stang man. I have a 2012, in Race Red. I do like the Tri-bar emblems on the fender of your though, mine does not have that. I use all Meguiar's products, except the Eagle One rim cleaner. I will have to try the Ultimate Black though... some wax was gotten on the plastic in the grille (not by me). I want to darken it again.

Dakota Joel987 months ago

Daniel-san! Wax on.......

rpillott1 year ago
What is the best way to wash the outside of your vehicle so you don't end up with scratches? Car wash brushes need to be cleaned well before use but they will still leave scratches.
(removed by author or community request)
nikolast (author)  DELETED_isaacwilk2 years ago
I will definitely try to add a section for this next time I wax the Mustang. Too bad it is mid winter here but in the spring I will try to do that for you!
jake824652 years ago
Do you recommend clay barring a car?
nikolast (author)  jake824652 years ago
If you want to go one extra step, you could use it before a polishing wax. It seems to make the wax last slightly longer.
or you call Karate Kid! ;-)
What are your thoughts on mechanical buffing tools?
nikolast (author)  audreyobscura2 years ago
I would say that mechanical buffers are great investments and will increase the likelihood of removing scratches. I use one once a year prior to hand wax with a polishing compound. The only issue is you do have to be careful with the speed and pressure as you can potentially damage the paint.