What to Do When Bored ?


Introduction: What to Do When Bored ?

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When you are free means when you have many time and that time you are getting bored then you have to do some thing which makes you busy or which makes your free time into some work. Bore means that when you have done your all work before time and then you have a lot of time then you have to do something.

Things To Do !

Hi ! Everyone, this my first blog and first post ever and i'm new to all this process. Today i'm going to tell you that "WHAT TO DO WHEN BORED" the things which i do when i'm bored and its very simple but interesting . The following things are:

Step 1: Playing Games

Play games on play station 4 , Xbox One or your available source, when you felt very bore. My best game is "battle field" i really love this game a lot. That is my first thing which i do when i feel bored.

Step 2: Painting

The second thing which i do when i feel bore is painting. I love painting so when i m getting bored i'll painting on my room walls and on a cardboard, painting is my passion. Lots of people loves painting and painting is a very common thing to do when you felt bored.

Step 3: Go for Picnic

Going on a picnic is the most awesome thing to do when you felt bored. Many people things that we will go on picnic on just holiday but picnic is a thing which makes people fresh and make to stay connected with there families.

Step 4: Watch Movies

Watching when i m feeling bored is my most favorite thing which i mostly do when feel bored. Watching is very common in this world. It is very common to go for watching movie so this is very easy way to make your boreness away from you.

Step 5: Cooking Food

Cooking food is also a very awesome way to keep your bore moments away from you. When you feel bore you will start cooking. Cooking have two main profits ,first is that your family is going to be very happy, when they see you in kitchen. Second profit, cooking turns your free moments into a very useful work.



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