What to Do When Your Bored




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Introduction: What to Do When Your Bored

About: I like tech and art. I am also into gaming and lego! If you have questions I'll be happy to help you! I also use loads of exclamation marks in my instructables So watch out for those!!!!!!!!! (Like those ones)

This will definitely help you when you are bored if not I am so making another instructable.

Step 1: Illusions

These will keep you busy for a while.if not continue.

Step 2: Memes!!!!!

Ofcourse ya dum dum memes!

Step 3: Annoy People!

Just keep poking the victim until they react.its the ultimate entertainment! Muhahahahahaha!

Step 4: Prank Calls

I only know one: call dominos pizza and say: hello is this dominos? They will probably say: yes it is.
You say:what's the number to Pizza Hut? And hear their reaction.

You come up with others and tell me.

Step 5: I Hope This Helped You If Not I Am So Making Another Instructable!



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    Plz i already did most of this and im dying here

    When I'm bored I playing video and online games from 777spinslot to Dota2 and League of Legends

    ok I'll make a drawing instruct able to keep you busy

    what else is there im bored all the time

    are you commenting on EVERYTHING!

    Hey Crazy pigeon!! It's NINAloveW!!! Love this instructable!!!

    I know right it's the ultimate entertainment especially with siblings!

    I poke people when I'm bored