Step 4: Replacing your immigration card

Picture of Replacing your immigration card
If you were given an immigration card upon entering the country you will need one to leave.  Have the embassy write down the specific name of what you need in the country's language and give you the address to the closest immigration office.  Also ask how much the fee will be for the replacement immigration card.

  • Your new passport
  • A copy of your old passport
  • Your police report
  • Copy of your incoming and outgoing itinerary
  • Some cash
You'll want your old passport copy just in case your name was entered incorrectly when you entered.  One little typo and they won't be able to find you.  Between your name, your passport number and your incoming flight date and number they should be able to find your record.

Pay the fee, grab your immigration card, and get back to enjoying your trip!
Thank you for your excellent write-up. I've been working overseas in some places where there aren't even Embassies for a few years now and you've provided some information herein that hadn't even occurred to me. A couple of points I think you glossed over that may prove pertinent are: 1) Register with the embassy in the country you are traveling in. If you are unable to get to them and they do not know you're missing you may be sunk. 2) Carry enough cash to get home no matter how badly things go. Carry aforementioned cash in several locations throughout your person, bags and any safe location you can establish, the idea being that if you need to bribe someone or you get robbed they don't get it all, you will need to plan to have that happen and still have enough to get home. 3) Depending on where you are American Dollars may be more valuable than the local currency, do your homework and know before you go. Never go anywhere that you don't have a reliable contact, a means of egress (getting out) and reasonable assurance of your safety. Thanks again and good luck in your travels.
really good instructuable, thanks
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Great info - thank you!