Picture of What to do when you're bored
If you're like me and get bored extremely easy and often, then this instructable is perfect for you. Follow these steps and you should be able to get un-bored! (at least for a while). Continue reading, if you're interested.

*Note* if you have suggestions to add, I will be happy to add them, because I think of this Instructable as a work in progress. I am happy to hear you ideas and thoughts. Thanks!
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Step 1: Watch a movie!

Picture of Watch a movie!
a movie pic2.jpg
Watch the new chick flick that just came out, or check out that horror film you always wanted to watch. I love watching movies, whether in the theater or at home. If you don't have it try out Netflix, they are a great way to get DVD rentals for a reasonable price.

Step 2: Hang with a friend!!

Picture of Hang with a friend!!
If you are bored to tears, and have been playing Halo 2 by yourself for 3 straight days, have a friend over. Two people can have a whole lot more fun rather than being alone. Besides you can get into more trouble with a friend!

Step 3: Take a hike!

Picture of Take a hike!
a camp pic.jpg
a biker.jpg
This step can really be a lot of things. You can go camping with the family, or go with a friend. You can go hiking, which is a great way to get out and exercise. Or you can go dirt biking with a bunch of friends. Basically get out doors and have fun!!

Step 4: Surf the web!!

Picture of Surf the web!!
When I'm bored, (like now), I generally surf the internet. I have a friend who is always telling me that he is bored and can't find anything "good" on the internet. What is wrong with him!?!? The internet is amazingly huge and there are tons of cool websites. A good place to start when you are bored is Google. Search for things that you heard about or want to learn about. is a good place for bored people, (duh), and has a lot of cool things. Anyway just use the internet as a way to escape your boredom.
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AlexF1717 days ago

5. Make projects from this webste!

Laserman5953 years ago
May I just say that the man in the above picture looks very excited to be an author. Lol :P
was that a joke???????? CLEAN... in your dreams
nisoe4 years ago
went i´m bored (like now) i´m lookeng at instructables to find things to make!!
nisoe4 years ago
udrr!!?? hait cleaning
getthim4 years ago
jump off of a cliff?
it is a bit of fun that last then changes into extreme boredom when your bones are healing in hospital
urtlesquirt4 years ago
I LOOOOOOVE ICANHASACHEEZBURGER!! my friend showed it to me.
urtlesquirt4 years ago
You forget climbing!!!
EpicZombie4 years ago
I like to nuke. nuke. nuke. nuke alota stuuf
(another version of apple and bananas if ya havent heard of it check it out! its so retarted its funny
peach_fart6 years ago
aww.......mildly? can it only be mildly? i wanna nuke stuff!
do you mean make stuff
no i meant nuclear bomb
you can make einsteinium with a nuclear bomb :)
wwhen i "nuke" stuff i toss 'e in the microwave
I got an atom bomb for sale, 15 megaton, $50?
25 and u got a deal.
Well, I'm only paying $5!
Just make sure to never double cross the libyans...
Or the North Koreans.
meh, good point, kim jong il is really just a vampire in disguise, which is why he always has sunglasses on...
popscott34 years ago
this instructable made me bored. actually it just makes me angry I can't get the 10 seconds I spent glancing through it back.
Well, it makes me angry I can't get the five seconds I spent looking at your comment back.
and now, of course, the 15 seconds i spent looking at both your comments... a vicious cycle...
LOL, I was trying to point out how unkind his comment was...
ahhhhhh, i've lost at least 30 seconds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
spock155 ednert6 years ago
Oh great... Give me my 40 seconds back!
No! NO! That was my 50!!! gah... NEways, is great for pissing off yourself quickly. -PKT
you jerk you made me lose the game!!!
You made ME lose the game! But I won before you, so HAH! But I lost... -Blanc
DAMMMIIITTT!!! years later and i just LOST D:
You guys take a long time to read. C:
There is a minute and 30 seconds i'm not getting back
same here
moocowdog5 years ago
i usally play with lego when im bored.dont have lego? your parents dont love you.
runfromnuke5 years ago
 You see, I have lots of hobbies.  The problem in lies with my family not enjoying them.

Hookah (sheesha only!) -- Looks like paraphernalia; it's smoking.

Reading -- My family gets on to me for my "darker interests".

Movies -- See above.

Music -- My family likes a quite house.

I'm quite the black sheep.  It sucks.
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