Picture of What to do when you've sliced your finger.
You have attempted to cut the tip of your finger off with a very sharp blade. Do not cry. 
In this first step you'll want to wrap your finger and hold it above you're head like you've been taught to do. 
It should only be a few seconds before curiosity sets in and you peel the wrap off to have a look. At this point you will want to photograph your injury, otherwise you'll be met with 'no pics-didn't happen' from your friends. 

Step 1: Explain your current position to those around you.

Picture of Explain your current position to those around you.
Start by yelling "I'VE DONE SOMETHING BAD."
The response will probably be, "Haha. Is there blood?"
The appropriate reaction is, "Uh...yeah. Yeah, some blood."

At this point all people within earshot will probably stop laughing and run to your side. 
None of them have cars because you live in 'bike friendly' Portland, Oregon. Your friends will direct you to the closest bus that will take you to the closest hospital. 

Get on that bus. Explain to the bus driver what you have done and calmly take a seat near the front. 
Take your paper towel wrap off again and watch the faces of the strangers around you. They may be upset that you are assessing your injury in such a public place. Take another picture. 
DavidG11018 hours ago
I found this post very useful since I've just done this....
DaddysGal222 months ago
One time I almost cut the tip of my finger off like this. I was trying to close my (sharp) pocket knife and my finger got in the way. I just put a million band aids on it and went on with my day. Later it started bleeding out again. If only I had seen this before hand lol
IANM85 months ago

I cut the tip off mine with a sharp stanley knife. Bandaged it kept it clean and six days later the wound has almost closed.

CD_tatro7 months ago

mash it in saw dust, you have 9 more.

fortress1410 months ago
Seems whenever I cut myself good, whether with a knife or mandoline, I always hear this little voice, " that didn't really just happen!"
slo5oh1 year ago

I swear I commented on this, maybe it got deleted?

I took the top of one of my fingers off using a mandoline (the kitchen tool, not musical instrument). Refusing to go to the doctor for what I saw as merely a scratch I cleaned everything with alcohol slapped the detached piece back on and superglued over the top of it. Only after it healed did I realize that I put the cut part of my finger back on upside down so I've now altered my finger print.

stick it back on with superglue

noltus1 year ago

Just tack it together again

mtmushu2 years ago
i sliced my finger in the same way, I was trying the sharpness of a new knife that I had already bought, but my cut wasn't so deep so i haven't to go to the hospital
MaskMarvl2 years ago
Auuuuugh!! D:

A similar thing happened to me once, I was trying to make a small canal on a tip of a wooden stick using a very sharp kitchen knife. The wood split to the side and the knife kept going right into my thumb. Fortunately, my fingernail stopped the blade from traveling further. Next, I panicked and wrapped my thumb with toilet paper and squeezed the wound shut tightly for about 10 minutes. After the cold sweat from my forehead had dried and calmness had set in... I unwrapped my thumb and noticed that the wound was practically sealed shut. So, I just cleaned it thoroughly and badaged it tightly. After a few days it was healed. No stitches! :D
Nice work. Howd ya pull that one?
Blergh you got my stomach all gross.
amywho (author)  dreiseratops3 years ago
I was looking in a direction that was virtually the opposite of my fingers and the rotating blade. Whoops.
What kind of rotating blade?
amywho (author)  dreiseratops3 years ago
I was cutting a screen with a circular knife blade.
Trying to make a window screen with a frame for my bedroom.
When I have a chance I'm just going to staple the piece of screen up.
ilpug3 years ago
Ooh, Gore!
This is basically how I react to this sort of thing.

Good job!
ilpug3 years ago
Ooh, Gore!
This is basically how I react to this sort of thing.

Good job!