What to do with a 3d printed jack o' lantern (updated)

Picture of What to do with a 3d printed jack o' lantern (updated)
This instructable describes what to do with a 3d-printed jack o' lantern. See my other instructables to learn how to model, render and animate a jack o' lantern..
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Step 1:

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1. 3d-print the stl-file of one of my modeled pumpkins..

Step 2:

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1. Get yourself a LED based tealight, something like the one I modeled..

Step 3:

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2. Glue woodsticks on the bottom, perpendicular, sticking out about 2 mm from the outside diameter.

Step 4:

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Place the tealight in the pumpkin and turn the tealight around the vertical axis so It does not fall trough the bottom of the pumpkin.

Step 5:

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The pumpkin stem is modeled in such a way that it can be used as a bracket!

Step 6:

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3d print all my pumpkin models and hang them on a wire over the fireplace for example.