What to Do With Annoying Aarp Cards


Introduction: What to Do With Annoying Aarp Cards

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As well as other plastic cards that you get spammed with in snail mail.

Step 1: All You Need Is a Plastic Card

As soon as you turn 50, you receive one of these each month I swear trying to get you to apply for membership. Same goes with plastic credit card samples, gift cards etc.

Step 2: Divide the Card Into Thirds

Make the first bend here.

Step 3: Make the Second Bend Like This

You now basically have a z shape

Step 4: Split the Second Fold in Half

And bend up to make a lip

Step 5: Now Add You Favorite Cell Phone or Small Tablet

Enjoy. Thank you AARP!!

So what's in your wallet??!??



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    nice hack

    Thank you! I started receiving AARP propaganda in my late 40's and would wad everything into the postage-paid envelope, send it back to them and they finally got the hint. But I do have these clear American Express dummies I've been saving "for something".

    I like to use them for spreading glue on woodworking projects. ☺

    1 reply

    And I've been throwing them away, I love the idea of using them as disposable spreaders, thanks.

    I like your use the best. An Apple Phone in it is just over the top. My daughter gave me a pick punch for Christmas as a joke for my card. I don't use picks but I do use them in Geocaching. I'll give yours a try because I have a lifetime supply of picks. Thanks for your idea.


    So simple, yet so effective. I've got a lot of old gift cards, etc lying around. Will definitely be giving this a go.