What to Do With Leftover Paintballs





Introduction: What to Do With Leftover Paintballs

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Have a lot of leftover paintballs from your last trip to the arena? Display them in a bottle for a sweet decoration!

You'll need:
a clear, glass bottle
paint, paintbrush
plastic jewels, beads or other decorations

Step 1: Put the Paintballs Into the Bottle

Make sure the bottle and the paintballs are clean and completely dry. I used a Fuze bottle because I liked the size and shape.

Step 2: The Bottlecap

I painted my bottlecap with two coats of acrylic paint and tacky-glued on little plastic rhinestones for some bling. You could use buttons, beads, duct tape, or any other do-dads to decorate yours.

Step 3: Final Touches

Tie a ribbon around the neck of your bottle and you're done! Some other ideas I had for decorating bottles were:
stripes made from electrical tape
layers of different colored paintballs
replace the bottlecap with a paintball gun plug



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    Amazing I will use that when I come back from across the street

    i rather just give them to my friends and tell them that they're gumballs lol

    18 replies

    lol, That's awesome, but kind of mean. Have you ever tasted a paintball?!

    They are nasty, the paint seeped through my mouth guard, I almost puked. YUCKY.

    I always get shot in the mouth every time I'm breathing heavily and the paint tastes like soap and plastic shrapnel.

    you can get green apple flavored pantballs, the sitll dont taste good but ALOT better than normal


    i just want to advise you that paintballs are not disigned to eat second it can be gross and unhealthy becuase of that it's case and paint is not proper neutrition,and thirdly you can choke on the casing and the thickness of the paint and get posioned from the vegi oil possibly now i am not stopping you and am not blaiming you so it's not bossy i am also just making a nodice or safety so i am not reponsible for your actions

    They're non-toxic, just like dirt. If you eat enough, you'll still die. I assume most of us aren't idiots.


    Paintballs do taste pretty good, though.

    they do? they smell bad to me


    Perhaps it's an acquired taste - they have a sour/bitter taste, but that's what make them different.

    I didn't know that you could eat them. Or can you?


    Most are non-toxic, so yes, you can. Makes your poop tie-dye though....

    that would actually be funny

    Yes, paintballs are edible. I wouldn't recommend eating a lot of them though. Plus, they really don't taste very good. They can, however, make you some money on a bet.