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We all have open tubes of caulk which sit and dry out.  So what is a person to do about it?

Step 1:

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Using a flatblade screwdriver, scrape out about last inch of opening.
aaahotdog (author) 2 months ago

Update, I pulled the hot glue plug out of the above tube of caulk tonight because I needed to seal up an outdoor light. Still is good 2 years later.

MrOddjob2 years ago
Good tip. Better than plugging it with a tapered dowel. As I used to do until I saw this tip! One point though, are there no adverse chemical reactions between the hot glue & the Caulk / sealant, etc?
aaahotdog (author)  MrOddjob2 years ago
Not to my knowledge. Beats the old screws I used to use.
sunnbeam aaahotdog10 months ago
wirenuts also can work. twist overopen end. they come in different sizes and sometimes it helps to have a little caulk coming out to help secure it.