Picture of What to do with open, half used caulk tubes
We all have open tubes of caulk which sit and dry out.  So what is a person to do about it?
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Step 1:

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Using a flatblade screwdriver, scrape out about last inch of opening.

Step 2:

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Using a q-tip, wipe inside clean.

Step 3:

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Using a hot glue gun, fill inside with glue and make it slightly overflowing.

Step 4:

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While glue is slightly cooled, but still soft, mushroom out the top.   Let glue harden and you have an airtight seal to your caulk tube.  No more waste.
MrOddjob1 year ago
Good tip. Better than plugging it with a tapered dowel. As I used to do until I saw this tip! One point though, are there no adverse chemical reactions between the hot glue & the Caulk / sealant, etc?
aaahotdog (author)  MrOddjob1 year ago
Not to my knowledge. Beats the old screws I used to use.
wirenuts also can work. twist overopen end. they come in different sizes and sometimes it helps to have a little caulk coming out to help secure it.