What to Do With Your Leftover Legos?




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Introduction: What to Do With Your Leftover Legos?

Legos are awesome. Since I was five I always loved to play with legos, but when I am done with a set I have built I have all of these left over legos I do not use. Instead of letting them sit and collect dust I decided to find a way to use them. Here's how.

Step 1: Create the First Thing That Pops Into Your Head

The first thing that popped into my head was a spaceship. I decided to create a spaceship because I had a lot of pieces where on a spaceship it would make since.

Step 2: Always Have Some Kind of Symmetry

Symmetry just adds a little class. It makes you piece look more like the creators had made it when they were drawing up designs. You do not have to use symmetry, but in my opinion it looks better.

Step 3: Always Have Some Kind of Color Pattern

Color is a big key to making your leftover lego masterpiece look amazing. Make sure legos are not just put anywhere. Color should match to make it look interesting. If a color pattern is not needed then don't add it.

Step 4: Just Have Fun

Legos are meant to be fun to play with. Don't spend too much time making a sketch or thinking of an idea. It takes away from the creativity.



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This is really great. I've always loved Legos and once my brother and I got this big bin of Legos and it was just completly random. Now I know what to do with them

Remember the lego movie? -goes crazy- SPACESHIP YEA YEA SPACESHIP SPACESHIP!!!!!!!!!!!

1 reply

Yeah! That was a funny movie!

Throw your left over Lego into a shag carpet where people walk barefoot. That's always good for a hoot!

1 reply

Good Idea! That's funny!

Thanks! I like legos and really wanted to find out what to do with my left over legos.