Introduction: What to Do With Your Shoelace Knots!

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Many people like to wear Nike's/skate shoes and tuck the bow under the tongue of the shoe. I tried this and found that the knot was uncomfortable against my foot and often untied.

This instructable shows an extremely simple solution.

Step 1: Materials

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          -Shoes! (these are really important)
          -Lighter/matches.... something that produces fire

Step 2: Cut the Laces

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Cut the laces about two inches away from the last hole on both sides.

Step 3:

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Tie a knot near the last lace hole, leaving a little excess slack in case you have to change the tightness in the future

Step 4:

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Light the end of the laces with your lighter and blow it out after about three seconds.

Thats it! No more bows getting in the way of your foot and the knots on the side are hardly visible.

Simple and effective!


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