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Adventure racing is one of the most fun endurance sports you can think of.

Triathlons are boring, running on the flat, around the track in a space age bike and swimming in the sea.

Adventure racing is awesome!


- they drop you in the middle of nowhere
- you get to see the countyside
- there is a sense of teamwork, camaraderie
- you get covered in mud, saltwater, mud, blood, sweat, tears and tears
- adventure legs include orienteering, rogaining, trail running, kayak or ocean surfski, ocean swimming, mountain bike, abseiling, rock hopping ...

Races vary from 3 hours long to more than a week. What you take will depend on the legs you will need to cover, the race conditions and terrain and personal skill and preference.
Individual kits such as medical / survival kit / paracord items are well described in the instructible community. I take my hat off to the following people for their good and relevant ideas:


as well as many more on the site!

In this 'ible I will make some suggestions as to what to take along with you to make the race a little more enjoyable.
This 'ible is a 'serving suggestion' for a 24-28 hour race with trail run/rogaining/surfski/ocean swim/mountain bike legs. The race conditions I had prepared for included rain and excessive heat (4oC to 45oC) common in Australia, but not snow or sleeping in sub-zero temperatures.

I optimised the kit for light weight and my budget was fairly unrestricted. If you are on a budget or you aren't too fussed about how fast you go, then there are many more options.

The most important things not to forget on any adventure race:

A sense of fun and adventure!
A trust in your own abilities and limits, and those of your team

I'm sure I have forgotten something or described too much.  And that is what happens every race!


RangerJ3 years ago
Great Instructable, on a subject I knew next to nothing about. Very interesting.
Now this sounds like a real adventure race. None of this contrived obsticals in a circular course at a known location business.
ddavis6624 years ago
Great instructable!
We are hosting a 50 mile endurance mtn bike race Sunday of this Labor Day Weekend.
The MSU Trathlon Club is hosting an "off road" Triathlon on Saturday as well.
schkip1973 (author)  ddavis6624 years ago
thanks for the input! would love to do a ride like that..
I like your portable energy source 'ibles too.
take care!