What You Can Make by Freezing a Water Balloon





Introduction: What You Can Make by Freezing a Water Balloon

This is a small science project I tried when I wondered what would happen if a water balloon froze. (this is my first instructable, so go easy when giving comments.)

Step 1: Fill the Balloon With Water.

Fill the balloon till it gets to be the size of at least a basketball. then put it into a freezer droor.

Step 2: Freezing the Balloon

When you take the ice out of the freezer, the water in the center will usually leak out. this means you did it right. it also gives it a see through appearance.
(freeze for at least 5 or 6 hours.)

when you go to freeze the balloon, make sure NOT to underfreeze. if you do, your ball of ice may crack and gush all over your freezer.

Step 3: Remove From Freezer

when you remove the ice ball from the freezer, imediately bring the ice ball over to the sink.
A crack will usually form somewhere on the ball of ice, and water will leak from the center. If it doesn't leak properly try using some hot water to make a hole.

remove from freezer, and enjoy.



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Balloon popped this is not the correct method

Thats one Water Baloon that I WOULD NOT appreciate being hit by LOL

It would be a brain freeze ('u')

You could kill someone with that.

Not really, but yeah! You can severely harm them!

in the summer of 1986 all the neighborhood children were playing with water bombs. No-one forgot Little Timmy or the new rule: do not put your water bombs in the freezer

I did this years ago the balloon popped & sealed the door shut

dude, no offense but when you post something as simple and lame as making a piece of ice your asking to get ridiculed. you might as well make an instructable on how to put on a sock. :p