Picture of What you can make by freezing a water balloon
This is a small science project I tried when I wondered what would happen if a water balloon froze. (this is my first instructable, so go easy when giving comments.)

Step 1: Fill the balloon with water.

Picture of fill the balloon with water.
Fill the balloon till it gets to be the size of at least a basketball. then put it into a freezer droor.
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Thats one Water Baloon that I WOULD NOT appreciate being hit by LOL
You'd get brained :3

It would be a brain freeze ('u')

You could kill someone with that.
Not really, but yeah! You can severely harm them!
in the summer of 1986 all the neighborhood children were playing with water bombs. No-one forgot Little Timmy or the new rule: do not put your water bombs in the freezer
neither would I.
MMoyce2 years ago
I did this years ago the balloon popped & sealed the door shut
dude, no offense but when you post something as simple and lame as making a piece of ice your asking to get ridiculed. you might as well make an instructable on how to put on a sock. :p
This would be very helpful, as I have trouble with socks. Especially include video! Link us when you get it ready! Good luck!
me too
also tell the difference between the long and short socks! and the socks for different days of the week!
I love instructables.
toogers tcabeen3 years ago
Indeed there are many different types of socks. Some have foot shaped curves, while others are just a tube. Kindly include the differences in technique between these two types of socks.
crapsoup3 years ago
this would be neat for anyone who wanted to practice some ice sculpting skills!
That is sooooooooooooooooooo cool
Physic5 years ago
leave over night in outdoor freezer and they go solid then go bowling
TN777 Physic3 years ago
I might try that!
it would probably explode as soon as it hits a pin lol but its worth a shot
A terrible prank would be to freeze smaller balloons and throw them at your friends thinking it was water balloons...
toogers3 years ago
i want to do this with one of those extra-long balloon animal balloons.
How long do you put the balloon in the freezer for? I read all the steps and couldn'yt find it :(
5 - 6 hrs
powerfool8 years ago
You could have used two balloons, one inside the other.. the one inside would be filled with air (using a pump maybe, to overcome the water pressure) and then be tied inside the first balloon which would contain water... This way you would have a frozen balloon filled with air.. :) I'm sure I could explain this better...
that's better idea!!!
Not sure if this would work, since the inner balloon would probably just try to float... creating a very thin wall on the upper part of the balloon...
It won't and if you put water and salt in the inside balloon it will go to the bottom having that same efect.

well, you can have an ice helmet :P
Brainfreeze :)
greeat idea!
Robot Lover4 years ago
You could put a cup in the middle before freezing. Take it out when its frozen, and then you could pour a drink in it!
Awesome Idea :D

bwells24 years ago
Imagine being hit by one, ouch :(
niblewiz7 years ago
Ok you're off to a good start, I have not posted anything yet so i can't be mean...so ill give constructive criticism. -Show me how i can freeze alcohol in the middle of the balloon for a party. the trick will be two things. One to get the right mix of hard liquor and mix to get the mushy slushy stuff. The real difficult part would be to freeze it in the center of an ice block. hmmm.....balloon within a balloon? Now get to it and make something worth while...you do this and it will over shadow this lame instructable
Alcohol has a lower freezing point than water, an alcoholic beverage below 25-30% will freeze in a standard freezer. Now, the clever part....

The alcohol will be driven inwards by the freezing process, leaving behind its carrier liquid. If done correctly, an outside layer of ice will form and an alcoholic slush of around 35%-40% will be formed in the middle.... No need to try and put it in there artificially. You just have to be careful with timing :)

Picture this - A (strong) cosmopoolitan mix with vodka and cranberry, around 10% abv. Put into a ballon, frozen as above with a liquid centre...

Nice red icy shell, with around 35% alcohol in the middle !!! :)

Try it with any mixed drinks, wine or beer. As long as the starting abv (alcohol by volume) is less than around 25-30% the freezing and driving out of the alcohol will work.

It is commonly practiced in Scandanavian countries to leave a batch of home brew outside overnight in the cold months to freeze into a block with a nice hit of strong stuff in the middle.

Give it a try!!
OR you could fill a small balloon with vodka or something Use a bigger baloon around the smaller Popped balloon when its frozen and fill that with water.
you could freeze water in a balloon, then get the water out through a hole and then pour alchohol in the hole
You could use liquid nitrogen (actually not too hard to find) to freeze solid the alcohol itself, then seal it in water ice, and let it sit in the freezer until the alcohol melts.
great idea, what would you put the alcohol in when freezing it? a balloon? what would the liquid nitrogen do to the balloon?
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