Introduction: 3D Printable Watering Can

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You will need to have:

  • 3D printer
  • A scissor
  • Super glue

Step 1: Designing

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I have designed the watering can parts in Tinkercad, and you can download them here.


If you want to design your own, I've attatched a design drawings on this page.

Step 2: 3D Printing and Assembling.

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After you download the files go a head and print it. If your 3D printer is bigger enough to print the whole thing then you can print "watering_can.stl" (Whole thing). However, if your 3D printer is too small to print the whole thing, then you can print "watering_can_2.stl" and "watering_can_1.stl". If you have printed them in parts, you can assemble them using a super glue.

After you print the files, you will need to attach the thing to a bottle with a tape and a super glue if needed.

Step 3: Use It!!

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Thanks for looking at my project.


Krazh (author)2016-04-26

can you reupload your file, please

Ntrobotics (author)Krazh2016-11-19

natrinicle (author)2015-04-24

Have you considered extending the handle with a ring that would go around the bottle to help support the weight? Might make it a bit more stable

Ntrobotics (author)natrinicle2015-04-24

That's a good idea!! I might design that.

leondo (author)2015-04-19

I like it.

Ntrobotics (author)leondo2015-04-19


EvolvedAwesome (author)2015-04-15

Very Nice! Love the way you designed and put this together.


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